My Japan Plan for Trip III

Itinerary time. This one was made for Trip III of 2015. And actually, it went pretty much according to plan. I’m not a big thrills person, and I’m not a total otaku. I think I’m pretty low-key when it comes to travel. Parks. Gardens. Arcades. Shopping. Fooooooooooood. Let’s see if I can pull up the “after” pictures to go with my “before” webcomic. Hmmm…

the japan plan

This is not what my library’s bathroom looks like.

This is a picture of Kiyosumi Garden. Sadly, I can’t recall if I went to the other gardens.

This one was a bit of a lie. This crepe and mustard-leaf-wrapped onigiri were from Trip III. I couldn’t find a bento pic from 2015. But rest assured, I had a non-descript konbini bento or 5 during this time. This pic is from Trip I, I think.

Actually, I think this is another half-done one. This picture is the onsen I went to, yes. But, not the one I had planned to go to. It’s all good. You can’t go wrong. Not when you’ve only been to one before.

Never got that chair, but I did find things like a guy walking with his face in a book. A real glowing Japanese lantern. And more.


You know what’s weird? I bought a FUDGETON of socks. But I only see this one picture of chair socks, which I did not buy. Go figure.






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