One Yen, Many Yen

One Yen, Many Yen

July 6, 2016

one yen coin

It’s neat when you first exchange your dollars for a fat (kinda) wad of 10,000 yen notes. Ahh, the smell of yen…I can’t remember what it smells like. That’s not as important as the feel and taste of it. Don’t taste it.

Anyway, it’s a novelty to fill your wallet with unfamiliar currency and start cashing in on green tea and onigiri and socks. But those little, plastic-light one yen coins seem to multiply like bunnies. And when it takes you a little longer to add up change (83 yen…Do I have a 50? No, okay, well do I have 8 10 yens? 1,2, 3, 4, 5, 6…is that one a ten or one, oh of course it’s a one. I don’t have eight…oh, okay, you’re plucking the change out of my hand now. I guess I was too slow), you tend to fork over a 1,000 yen note and be done with it.

So anyway, it seems like those one yen coins multiply like bunnies, and they get in the way of slow-foreigner-money-counting. It’s good to not keep too many around. But they keep coming…more and more, every time you buy something! I hate to sound like a crazy woman, but I may have his a couple stacks of one yen coins in my hotel room, adamant that I would go no further with these coins. We had to part ways. Any you can’t throw away money!!

But you can- at shrines. Maybe the gods think you’re some kind of weird cheapskate, but they know you’re a foreigner that can’t count fast enough.

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