Trip III: Alley Cats

Alley Cats

May 30, 2016

Tokyo alley cat

Right near the hotel (Sotetsu Inn Kyobashi), there was an alley with the occasional cat. As a crazy cat lady, this was of great note. To put this in perspective, my husband and I go for daily walks and stop for each and every approachable cat to greet and pet. Anyway, cats. Meow.

I saw some Japanese folks hanging out with one, and I didn’t want to disturb. The next time, the cat was by her(?)self, and I tried to talk to her, but she was all, “Whatever.”

I could tell that the sign had the cats’ names and that since it said “September” towards the top, it might have been a bit of a monthly report (since it was the beginning of October at the time). There was a couple words I understood, but I had no clear idea what the sign was actually saying. Progress report on social cat culture? Grim warnings about their dangerous behavior?


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