Trip III: Being Weird and Finding Weird

Sticking Out like a Nail

May 1, 2016

tourist sticks out in japan

If you bring a buddy, at least you can feel like you’re not the only tourist around. And goodness knows Tokyo had plenty of tourists. But I can’t help but feel like the nail that sticks out a bit. It’s a sea of businessmen dotted with a smattering of OL’s here and there. And then you get into the more casual zones where ladies wear skirts and not-too-loud shirts that don’t go lower than their collar bone or so. Scandalous to show those chesty areas below your collar bone!

Sometimes I was scandalous. But when you start to sweat, it’s time to get scandalous. That’s the Florida way.

Oh, and the donut fail. I was bound and determined to check out one of those mochi donuts that Mr. Donut is famous for. The kind that look like balls pressed together in a ring.

So I go in line, and the lady asks me something in Japanese. I say “ringu donatsu ikko” or whatever, and then she asks her question again, and I’m like, crap! She’s probably asking if I want a box or partake of a sale or whatever, but I had no clue. It wasn’t in my barbarian vocab. Eventually I got my donut, but that was awkward.


July 20, 2016

man restaurant

Is it just me or is there a lot of noodle joints in Tokyo that only men eat at? Part of me is saying, just walk in there, whatever. But I feel out of place enough as tourist foreigner, maybe I put extra effort into not sticking out too much. So I check through the windows first.

On the flip side, if you find the ramen and soba places are filled with guys, at least there’s places where the female population is greater- cake shops. Because who wants noodles when you can have cake?


May 15, 2016

Store Products in Japan

This is one of those guilty pleasures of foreign travel. Step into a convenience store or grocery store and check out the weird stuff you’ve never seen before in your life. You pick up a thing. What could this be for? Could there possible be a market for such a thing? How weird!

But I admit I have an obsession with those ear picks/ear scoops/ear spoons, mimikaki. They are horrible things. I can stop any time I want to.


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