Trip III: First Night and Ueno Park

This was me on the first night. So tired from little sleep on the plane, tired from the stress and worry of being solo and making sure I get to where I need to go. I don’t even think I took a Melatonin- I probably should have. Once I woke up, I was done. Realizing you just woke up in Tokyo, it’s hard to just drift back to sleep.


Melatonin helps you to sleep and get your brain in the right rhythm.

The first couple days I was in Tokyo, it was raining. No biggie. I figured now was a good time to hit the National Museum in Ueno Park. Ueno Park has so many cool things to check out anyway- temples, the circle tree, museums, and that day, a random bonsai exhibit. Circle tree below. How circular.

Anyway, I noticed the sign at the entrance saying that you shouldn’t make too much noise as you walk, and that you can get slippers at the desk if you need. Especially high heels. Well, every time I took a step, I was making a little squeak, and in the huge cavernous rooms, it seemed so loud.

ueno museum

Not my most haha kind of comic, but I wanted to show one of the many moments where I’m worried about being a good tourist gaijin. You kind of mentally take stock of what everyone else is doing. Proper protocol and all. The squeakas made me a little nervous until I noticed I wasn’t the only one.

The museum was pretty cool. Kimono, super old art scrolls, samurai swords and armor.

Some things are from Super Old Japan, and hardly looked Japanese at all. Which was kind of neat.

And I like some of the old style Japanese art- so much detail, but kinda chunky in a way. Some folks have done some interesting mash-ups with this style combined with Mario, Star Wars, KISS, etc. There were a couple that were just sort of oddball fun for me. The one guy stepping on a lion, and the lady carrying a tray of Japanese pickles. By the way, Japanese pickles are awesome.




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