Trip III: Journey to the Library

Journey to Tokyo Central Library

June 13, 2016

Tokyo Central Library

So, I prioritized visiting the “central” Tokyo library, wanting to gather ideas, see what they do that’s amazing and what they do that’s incomprehensible. It’s not super easy to get to, but there’s probably a bus I didn’t bother with. I just started at the Roppongi station and headed south.

Oddly enough, the most amazing part was the park that the library is in. It was quiet, except for groups of preschoolers, also stationed in the park. But it was set in a kind of gorge so that it had walls of trees all around to block out the city stuff. Waterfalls, a lake, paths that go up and down and all around. Loved the park.

Then I went to the library. They had you check in by giving you a visitor lanyard thing, but I didn’t give them a name or ID, so I have no idea what the point of the visitor lanyard was. It was 4 stories or so, with a cafeteria with cheap yakisoba and stuff. I had a vending ice cream. Anyway, they also had a little museum- that was cool. The displays at the time were showing something about history and sake…I forget, but it was kind of an interesting mini-museum space. The rest was a standard library, with computers in one area, and stacks of books, blah blah blah, I won’t bore you. But no kid area. I found out it was mainly an annex for extra research material if you needed to do more in depth stuff.

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