Trip III: Narita to Tokyo

The Skirt

January 3, 2016

Downstairs is the airport train station. Not hard to find- plenty of signs. Both times I went before, we had gone to that glassed-in JR East Travel Service Center where you can get tickets for the Narita Express- but what I didn’t realize, was because the first time around we were getting the special go-anywhere JR passes (expensive and only for foreigners), and the second time it was because we were getting a special JR Narita Express deal for foreigners that gave you a bonus on a Suica train card (That deal expired.) This time I was told to go to the desk across the floor. Cause I just wanted a ticket. No biggie.

So a ticket I got at that place on the right at the end of the right yellow line. Anyway, after that, I charged up my Suica card at the black terminal machine thing.

It’s easy to flip them over to English. After that I went past the gates- just needed my ticket for that, not my Suica card. And if you need to catch a shinkansen in Tokyo Station, you have to show them the ticket so they can “count” that leg of the trip before adding another leg.

I was ready to go!

To Tokyo! And find ONIGIRI. Or adventure. I meant adventure.


But there was that girl waiting there at the same car and…that was awkward.

The train ride to Tokyo is peaceful and quiet. Trip IV insight: Somehow I was waiting for everyone to get up as a signal we were at Tokyo Station. That didn’t happen. So I missed Tokyo Station, and ended up the next stop, Shinagawa (I think?). But it wasn’t that big of a deal. I just hopped on a train to Tokyo Station- and there were several trains that accomplished that, so it wasn’t that hard.

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