Trip III: Plane Ride and Customs and Immigration

What would you like to drink?

December 18, 2015

The plane ride to Narita Airport was pretty nice. Yay Economy Plus! No neighbor to my left. No neighbor across the way. Maybe it helped that I left on a Wednesday?

I put my backpack in the seat next to me. I spent a big bit of time poking at the sketchpad, and another chunk watching movies. Are there any good movies any more? Anybody want to create fresh, complex characters? Eh? I tried to get some sleep, but I think I only managed an hour or 2.

Last trip we went with “Asian Vegetarian” for the meal, and that ended up being Indian food. Meh. This time I went with just “Vegetarian”. Got pasta in red sauce and green beans for the first big meal, and for the breakfast, I got…Indian food. I’m not even vegetarian! I just don’t like big hunks of meat. That was dumb- the Japanese regular meal is great. Should have gone for that. Changed it for the return trip. Much better.

And they did a million beverage services. As any good Japanophile should, I hit hard on the green tea. A good, refreshing beverage. I drank a lot of tea. A lot of tea.

By the way, here’s a good point to bring up those documents they pass out at the beginning of the US-to-Narita flight. Customs and Immigration forms. It’s handy to write out the info you need on an index card beforehand, so it’s not such a pain to reach around looking for what you need in the small airplane space. The name and phone number of the place you’re staying in Japan, the flight number, and your passport number, and other essentials.

Arrival at NRT

December 27, 2015

So then, 14 or so hours later, I was at Narita Airport. No sweat! I am officially a solo lady in a foreign land with a pretty mediocre beginner language level. But in reality, everything is in English as well as Japanese.

It wasn’t too hard to make my way through all the long corridors, walking around the moving sidewalk things because I’ve been cooped up so long. Follow the signs for arrivals.

As long as you keep track of those 2 pieces of paper they give you on the plane to fill out, and passport of course, it’s really no big deal. Go to the nice immigration man in the carpeted area for foreign folk. He takes your picture and fingerprint thing and adds a trophy to your passport. Past that is baggage claim. The journey was pretty gentle on my little copper spinner. Then to customs. Is that your bag? Yes! How long are you staying? 10 days! Okay. Customs folk are nice. I think there’s an “Oops” box to dump that banana you forgot to eat on the plane.


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