Trip III: Weather Chickens and Unconscious Showers

Energy Depletion

April 17, 2016

Sotetsu Fresa Inn Bath

Part of me just wanted to do a comic on that bizarre weather chicken.

I forget what channel he was on, but it was clearly a legit Tokyo news program. This was one of those costume-type characters, a big dumpy yellow bird that came on with the weather lady. Also, a cartoon version appeared with the weather graphics. I love the whole different scale of journalistic professionalism. Clearly, we need this in the US.

Anyway, at least I bought some cool bath salts. And I did get to go to an onsen later. But man, I can’t say I’m a very energetic person. I got a late start and headed back before it was too late in the evening. I think the jet lag was also a factor.

My hotel was the Sotetsu Fresa Inn, Kyobashi. Unless you’re willing to fork over more than $200 a night, you’re gonna get a tiny bathroom. But! You get a fabulous Smart Toilet! Worth it for bun-warming properties alone.

I tried looking for a good toilet pic that I took, but this one may have been from the Prince Hotel instead, not sure. But it’s not that different. Bun warmer with buttons. Sink that doesn’t quite fit anywhere. Shorty shower that goes into deep tub, or detachable to use as you stand in the middle of the bathroom. When you only have a tiny closet of a bathroom to work with, there’s only so much variation that is possible.

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