Unboxing: Snakku Japanese Snacks November Box

About a week after I got my super late October Snakku box, I got this on-time November box. So much snacking to do! This month, the theme was Kanazawa, a region known for their gold and adding gold leaf to anything they can get their hands on.

At this point I want to know who does the insert art, because if it’s original, I’m pretty amazed. This art is pretty top notch.

I’ll start with my favorite.This guy, Kaga Houshou, looks like a mini red bean sandwich with white bread. It has a smooshy look, but I loved that the white cookie part has a firm but yielding sandy texture. And contrast that with a solid gelled up red bean middle, it was a texture heaven, not too sweet, right up my alley. No gold, and I didn’t need it. This guy was great.

Moon of Kanazawa- you like Twinkies? This is along those line, but a little dab of custard instead of the sheer sugar angel cream. The cake is a nice, moist sponge that melts away with the custard in one big soft smoosh of cakey goodness. There were really tiny bits of gold leaf on top, but you really have to take a close look to see.

Gold Okaki- My understanding of okaki is similar to senbei, in the cracker category. This is of the sweet variety, and packed a punch with GINGER. The gingery icing formed a hard shell around the outside. The flavor of strong, sweet ginger along with the hard crunch through hard sugar and crunchy cracker was a nice treat. Also, more gold glitter, completely without texture or flavor.

The Sai River looked like an average sandwich cookie, but it wasn’t. The sandwich layers were a non-sweet airy wafer that had more texture than taste. The inside was a hard baked meringue. So, it was barely-there light, and crispy in texture, but not much going on in flavor, just a gentle sweet. The surprising lightness and texture make it a novelty that kept my interest, but I don’t crave more.

Sansaku Senbei were fun to take pictures of, but taste wise…it was a mildly sweet wheat-based senbei. So…crispy, fairly light and thin, maybe richness from egg in the batter, but nothing new. The bird was so cute, though.

Wari Goori. This candy was like icing on the cake. There are a lot of cheerful, colored candy make in a traditional way in Japan for billions of years. They look amazing, but turn out to be just sugar candy, more or less. This was different. And such a surprise- the outer shell is a thin crisp shell of sugar, somewhat m&m-like, and the inside was a very soft gel, gelatin dessertish without the fruit flavor. Again, not exactly something I would crave later, but so fun to try and discover.

And the Kurls were definitely on the junk food end. White cheese powder taste…okay, you’ve tasted cheese puffs before, so I won’t bore you with a description. Cheese puff. Crunch, crunch, cheesy, salty.

These tiny packets of savory ramen were terribly good. Salty, savory with soy sauce and Worcestershire sauce and salty goodness packed into crunchy noodle bits. Good thing they were in tiny bags, because they are addictive.

I was missing one of the main pieces, a Yuzukiri (goes by Yukizuri too?), so that was such a bummer. You pay a little under $40, so you kind of expect to get everything promised. I sent an email about the situation, but no reply. I’ve just cancelled the subscription, siting the missing piece as a major factor, and he did reply to say he’d send something to compensate. Not sure when or what or if that will be, but it might change my mind about the subscription…we’ll see.

Overall…my favorite box, and really impressed me with the textures. If you’re interested in my You Tube video review, try this on for size:

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