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Exchanging Money

The first 2 trips to Japan, I exchanged my dollars for yen at the airport. Upon further inspection of travel sites, I see everybody says the airport rates suck and the best yen for your buck can be obtained by ATMs in Japan with a no-foreign-transaction-fee card. Well, this time around I just wanted the peace of mind of getting my yen ahead of time. There’s the Florida Exchange in Tampa, but we just went to a Chase bank closer to home. Same rates, basically.
We had been holding on to this 50% off exchange fee coupon for the Florida Exchange place. When I called them up, turns out that means 50% off $5. Woo. So it’s not the “fee” that really mattered, it was the rate. The dollar was getting close to 120 that day (it’s been kind steady lately at that amount or 119ish), but the rate these guys were offering was like 94% of that. Still good to get my hands on my money before the trip. One less thing to worry about.

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